Meet The Hendrick Team

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The Hendrick Team

As a team, we have streamlined our pipeline under V.I.P. and built a solid foundation of loyal clients, as well as newcomers looking to purchase a home. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of companies. V.I.P. is like a family, and with communication being our No. 1 focus, it’s imperative we strive to make sure our customers understand every aspect of the process to create a smooth experience for them – one they’ll want to remember. These are all values we share with V.I.P.

Brandon Hendrick

Brandon Hendrick

Mortgage Banker
NMLS 202816

Your mortgage banker, Brandon will be talking with you about your mortgage needs and structuring loan options that best fit your needs. Brandon will be a big part of your loan process in the beginning: from the prequalification, to structuring your mortgage loan, to communicating with your real estate agent. While you will likely be speaking with him the most in the first stages of the process, he will be checking in with you and available to you throughout the entire loan process.

Brandon Hendrick

Stephanie Hendrick

Production Manager
NMLS 321841

Stephanie Hendrick is our Production Manager. She will be working directly with our processor & underwriter, and will be your liaison as we move through the loan process. She will oversee that our timelines are met and keep in close contact with you throughout the process.

Jennifer Gates

Mortgage Banker
NMLS 634085

Jennifer is our licensed lending partner. She will help finalize your loan application, as well as collect and review your financial information for pre-approval. She will review your loan options and disclosures with you, and outline a timeline for your loan process.

Lisa Riley

Production Manager
Client Relations Coordinator

Lisa’s goal is to ensure you have a seamless transaction during your home buying experience. Her role is to assist any which way she can so that you stay informed and comfortable during your time with us. Lisa also coordinates our community outreach projects, as well as our annual Client Appreciation event.